(Supra)molecular Inorganic Materials

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We are interested in solving socially relevant problems in a unique way.  Our chemical toolkit includes molecular and supramolecular materials that incorporate elements from across the periodic table.  We use DFT calculations to assist in targeting the best new materials.  See the research page or send me an email for more information.

Members of my team will acquire a wide variety of practical skills including inorganic synthesis and reactivity, structure determination through spectroscopic and diffraction techniques, and modern computational methods. I encourage my students to tackle modern research problems in creative ways, and I will assist them in obtaining a rigorous understanding of the underlying principles related to their research project.

Group News

May 2019

Dr. Cozzolino’s NSF CAREER award “Pnictogen Bonding in Solution: Developing Tools for the Self-assembly of Inverted Bilayer Membranes, Heteromolecular Dyads and Supramolecular Catalysts” is funded!

Summer Undergraduate Update

Henry is headed off to pursue a PhD at the University of Oregon

Mike is headed off to pursue a PhD at Virginia Commonwealth University

Vivian is off to pharmacy school.

Good luck to all!

Apr. 2019

Babak’s paper that presents a cautionary take on isoreticular expansion in MOFs is published in Dalton Transactions.

Dec. 2018

Patrick and Amit’s collaborative paper with the Findlater group is accepted in Polyhedron

Dec. 2018

Collaborative paper with Findlater group is accepted in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry

Oct. 2018

Babak is awarded a TTU Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship

Sept. 2018

Jinchun’s collaborative paper with the Hutchins group is accepted in Crystal Growth & Design

Sept. 2018

Angela and Vitor Join the group

Sept. 2018

Miranda’s Essay is published in C&E News

July 2018

Shiva’s paper is accepted in Chemical Communications

July 2018

Babak’s paper is accepted in Catalysis Science and Technology

June 2018

Patrick’s paper is accepted in Inorganic Chemistry

May 2018

Shiva’s collaborative paper with the D’Auria group is accepted in Molecules

March 2018

Miranda’s paper is accepted in Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences