The Ballets Russes

I. Serge Diaghilev (1872-1929)

A. Together with Leon Bakst and Alexander Benois, founded the art journal "World of Art" in 1898.  These two artists will work on stage and costume design for the Ballets Russes.
B. Founded the Ballets Russes in 1909.

II. Some Dancers and Choreographers

A. Michel Fokine was the first choreographer and primier danseur of the Ballets Russes.

1. Sheherazade
2. The Firebird
3. Petrushka

4. The Golden Cockerel

B. Vaslav Nijinsky

1. Les Apres-midi d'un Faun
2. The Rite of Spring

C. Anna Pavlova (Especially famous for her dancing of "the dying swan" in Swan Lake.
D. Leonide Massine

1. Le Soleil de Nuit
2. Parade
3. Contes Russes

III. Igor Stravinksy and the Ballets Russes

1. The Firebird
2. Petrushka
3. The Rite of Spring