Russian Literature: 1953-Present



А в Петушки, ха-ха, вообще, никто не попадет!..

Ivan Kozlovsky (See "Kursk Station Restaurant" pages 18-19) Note that, among other roles, Kozlovsky performed the role of Lohengrin (see Mitrich's "love story" in "Kilometer 65--Pavlovo-posad").  Youtube video of Kozlovsky singing a poem by Pushkin set to music by Mikhail Glinka.

Feodor Chaliapin (See "Karacharovo--Chukhlinka," page 28) (Chaliapin sings)

Maxim Gorky's "Song of the Stormy Petrel" (See  "Novogireevo--Reutovo," page 39)  For information about Gorky's life and works click here.

Aivazovsky's Ninth Wave (See "Novogireevo--Reutovo," page 40)

"Inconsolable Grief" (See "Nikolskoe--Saltykovskaya," page 47 and "Kilometer 113--Omutishche," page 143)

Modest Mussorgsky (Mentioned in "Esino--Friazevo," pages 79-81)  This is the famous portrait by Ilya Repin.  For more information on Mussorgsky click here.

Nicholai Rimskii-Korsakov (Mentioned in "Esino--Friazevo," pages 79-81). This is the famous portrait by Valentin Serov.

In his commentary to Moskva-Petushki, Eduard Vlasov notes that Erofeev's description of the Mussorgsky and Rimskii-Korsakov is most likely inspired by the above paintings (340).

"Flight of the Bumble Bee"  (See "Krutoe--Voinovo," page 123)

Vera Mukhina's sculpture (See "Petushki. The Platform" page 153) of the worker and peasant was originally created for the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne (1937). It was moved to the Peoples Exhibit of Economic Achievements in Moscow where it was restored and given a new base in 2009. The Big Soviet Encyclopedia called it the perfect example of socialist realism.