Russian Literature: 1953-Present


Fazil' Abdulovich Iskander/Фазиль Абдулович Искандер

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1983 New York Times review of Sandro of Chegem


Information on Iskander's Native Abkhazia

Some Iskander Short Stories in English

Iskander works in Russian and English (primarily in Russian)

The Russian text of "The Cock" ("Петух") can be found here. It is the 2nd story.

Reading Guide:

  • This story takes place in Abkhazia. Is there anything in it that is specific to Abkhazia or could it have taken place in Russia or Texas?
  • This story is often given an allegorical reading. What are some possible interpretations of the story as an allegory?
  • Does the search for allegorical meanings in a story like this diminish your ability to enjoy it as the story of a boy's battles with a rooster?