Russian Literature: 1953-Present



Iurii Pavlovich Kazakov/Юрий Павлович Казаков

Short Biography

Краткая биография

"Адам и Ева"

"На острове"

Other Kazakov stories in Russian

Reading Guide:

  • Kazakov is known for his descriptions of nature.  How do the descriptions of nature in these stories contribute to their general mood? 
  • What are the men in these stories looking for?  Are the women partners in the search?  If not, what role do the women play in the lives of the male characters?
  • Do you think that Ageyev in "Adam and Eve" has a legitimate argument about society's lack of appreciation for true art, or is he simply wallowing in self pity?
  • Do you find Zabavin's theory that happiness is inversely proportional to age convincing?
  • Why do you think Kazakov chose to name his story "Adam and Eve"? 
  • The American artist Rockwell Kent (1882-1971) is mentioned in "Adam and Eve."  Here is a link to some of his paintings in the Hermitage in St. Petersburg.