Russian Literature: 1953-Present


Venedikt Vasil'evich Erofeev/Венедикт Васильевич Ерофеев

Links to art, music, and literature referred to in Moscow to the End of the Line

A spellbound traveler from Moscow to Petushki by Yan Shenkman

Venedikt Erofeev: The lost genius of Soviet Culture by Ruth Moore

Москва-Петушки.ru Russian language site dedicated to the works of Venedikt Erofeev

Краткая автобиография

Moscow to the End of the Line in Russian (Москва-Петушки)

Russian article on Erofeev and Castaneda by Viktor Pelevin

More Erofeev works in Russian

Reading guide:

  • How is the main character's drinking portrayed in the "poem"? Is it heroic? Mystical? An escape? A weakness? Why does he drink?
  • What is the effect of combining religious and profane elements in the "poem"?
  • How is the Eden theme explored in the poem?
  • What other biblical themes are treated in the novel?
  • Look for echoes of things that happen early in the book as you read the second half of the poem. What is the poem's structure? Is it linear? Circular? Something entirely else?
  • Does Venichka get to Petushki? What happens to him?
  • What is the role of Venichka's beloved in the poem?