Russian Literature: 1953-Present


Russian 4302 Final Review

The final will consist of some short answer questions based on class lectures and discussions, identification of text excerpts (You must provide author and title for each), and two essays.

The PowerPoint presentations used in class are available on the course Blackboard site.

Roughly 80 percent of the final will be from the materials covered after the midterm.

Click here for essay questions.

Please be familiar with the following figures, concepts, or events:


Russian Poetry from 1960-1990

Leonid Brezhnev


Voinovich, the hotel Metropol', and the KGB

The almanac Metropol'

The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

Mikhail Gorbachev

Perestroika and Glasnost


Yeltsin in 1991

Yeltsin after 1991

Financial crisis in 1998

Vladimir Putin

Boris Akunin

Alexandra Marinina

Vladimir Sorokin, Light Blue Lard, and "pornography"

Remember that there will be some materials from the first half of the semester, as well.