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Chan Chich Archaeological Project

The Chan Chich Archaeological Project (CCAP) completed its seventh season of research at the ancient Maya city of Chan Chich in 2013. The 2013 season report is now available for download. The 2012 season report is also available for download! The updated site map is also available for download.

Looking forward to 2015, the CCAP will be supporting two graduate students' thesis research. Investigations will target the processional architecture at the site, including two causeways and related structures, and two late Colonial sites. The latter is a new focus for the CCAP. We will investigate the historic Maya village of Kaxil Uinic and the British logging camp of Qualm Hill.

If you wish to support the CCAP through a financial contribution to the project, you can do so by clicking this link. Any contribution is greatly appreciated and is tax deductible! Feel free to email Dr. Houk for more information about our plans for next season.

Read about the 2012 season in the College of Arts & Sciences Newsletter.

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Information on the 2015 CCAP Field School in Maya Archaeology Is Now Available.

Interim Reports and Maps
(Field School Readings)

Map of the Ruins of Chan Chich

2013 Interim Report

2012 Interim Report

1998–1999 Interim Report

1997 Interim Report

Self-Guided Tour of Chan Chich

Articles (Field School Readings)

Houk, Brett A., Hubert R. Robichaux, and Fred Valdez, Jr.
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Houk, Brett A.
      2011   The Curious Case of Kaxil Uinic. Mono y Conejo 6:3–7.