Major Facilities and Equipments



Microgrid Testing and Demonstration Facilities at Different Scales

 (a) A portable microgrid prototype

 (b) A smart home microgrid

 (c) A lab-scale 8-node microgrid testbed

 (d) TTU 108-Converter SYNDEM Smart Grid Testbed (This is a recently commissioned large-scale energy

research facility with 108 physical reconfigurable, reprogrammable converters.)







Microgrid Testbed (old)

  --- Battery

  --- Generator

  --- cRio-9074

  --- Solar systems (Prototype I: low voltage, Prototype II: high voltage)

  --- Texas Instruments DC/AC inverters

  --- Texas Instruments DC/DC converters

  --- 400W PMSM for Wind Turbine Simulator

  --- Texas Instruments High Voltage Motor Control Kit















































































Microgrid Diorama





















  --- Quadrotors (AscTec Hummingbird, DJI Pjantom, Invertix 400 3D quadrotor, BLADE Nano QX)

  --- Quanser Qbots

  --- Adept mobilerobots robots

  --- Quanser Rotary Servo Base Unit











































  --- Physik Instrumente PZT-driven nanopositoning systems










Control Systems

  --- dSPACE

  --- National Instruments myRIO

  --- SYNDEM Smart Grid Research and Education Kit















  --- DC sources

  --- Oscilloscopes




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