Beibei (Helen) Ren, Ph. D.

Beibei Ren,Nonlinear System Control Methods and Algorithm Design:,Robust Control,Adaptive Control,Neural Networks,Boundary Control of Systems Modeled by PDEs,Real-time Optimization Using Extremum Seeking,Applications:,Helicopter Systems,MEMS,Marine/Offshore Systems,Laser Systems for Semiconductor Manufacturing,Wind Energy Systems and Smart Grid Integration


Larry and Nancy McVay Endowed Professor in Engineering

Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering


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Jordan Berg, Ph. D.

Jordan Berg,Modeling, Design, Control, and Fabrication of Microsystems,Control of Non−Linear Systems,Microsensors,Bifurcations, Unfoldings, and Singularities of Control Systems

Associate Director

Emeritus Professor




PhD Students


Yafeng Wang


Research Interests: Robotics, Navigation and Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)

Kevin Norman


Research Interests: Renewable Energy, Microgrids, Power Electronics Control


Master Students




Undergraduate Students

Andrea Estrella

TrUE Scholar1


Research Interests: Microgrids


Linda Mann

BAT-LSAMP Scholar2


Research Interests: Robotics


Eric Taylor


Research Interests: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles




PhD Students


        Yiting Dong

Dissertation: Advanced Control of Microgrids with Renewables

Current Position: Engineer at Smart Wires Inc.



      Sanka Liyanage


Dissertation: Bounded Integral Control of Non-holonomic Mobile Robots Under Input Constraints

Current Position: Control Engineer at Group NIRE




       Yeqin Wang


Dissertation: Control of Power Electronic Converters for Microgrids

(Graduate School's 2nd Place Outstanding Dissertation Award)

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Tongji University, China



          Jiguo Dai


Dissertation: Robust Control of Uncertain Nonlinear Systems

Current Position: Senior Servo Engineer at Seagate Technology



             Qi Lu


Dissertation: Robust Control for a Quadrotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in Complex Environments

Current Position: Assistant Professor at Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute, China



Master Students

     Ashutosh Ghuli


Thesis: Parallel Operation of Portable Solar-Battery Systems



      Chaeeum Kim

Thesis: Design and Control of a Scaled Wind Turbine

Current Position: R&D Engineer at REMINC



Undergraduate Students

Kevin Norman#

Texas Tech University 2019.10 – 2020.05

Ryan Rodrigues£

Instituto Militar de Engenharia, Brazil

2019.05 – 2019.09

Fnu. Md-Moniruzzaman#

Texas Tech University

2019.05 – 2019.09

Tristan Berger*

Higher Engineering School in Limoges, France

2019.06 – 2019.08

Kevin Shu#

University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

2018.07 – 2018.08

2019.07 – 2019.08

Robert Martinez Jr.# Texas Tech University 2018.09 – 2019.06

Julio Mogal

Texas Tech University 2018.09 – 2018.12
Abigail Baker Texas Tech University 2018.07 – 2018.12

Benjamin Paing *

Université de Limoges, France 2018.07 – 2018.08
José David Tejeda Tejeda* Universidad del Norte, Colombia

2017.07 – 2017.08


Victor Manuel Puello Garnica*


Universidad del Norte, Colombia 2016.07 – 2016.08

Nicolas Yasserd Yabrudy Perez*

Universidad del Norte, Colombia

2016.07 – 2016.08


Eli Garza

Texas Tech University

2015.07 – 2015.08

Helio Ricardo da

Silva Junior*

Federal Unversity of Lavras, Brazil

2015.07 – 2015.08

Douglas Oliveira da Silva*

Federal University of São João del-Rei, Brazil

2015.07 – 2015.08
Daniel Pinilla* Universidad del Norte, Colombia

2015.06 – 2015.07

Isaac Chang

Texas Tech University

2014.09 – 2015.06


High School Students

Alvyn Wang&

Lynbrook High School, San Jose, CA 2019.07 – 2019.08

Aliza Escamilla§

Harmony Science Academy, Lubbock, TX 2015.09 – 2015.12
Alia Gill Frenship High School, Lubbock, TX 2015.07 – 2015.08

Rahil Patel

Frenship High School, Lubbock, TX 2015.06 – 2015.07

Adriana Gonzales
Estacado High School, Lubbock, TX 2015.06 – 2015.07


Dr. Rongwei Guo Qilu University of Technology, China 2016.10 – 2017.10

Dr. Xiaofang Hong

Shandong Labor Vocational and Technical College, China 2016.02 – 2016.08


Victoria Miles Texas Tech University 2020.09 – 2020.12

Jinhao Chen

Transferred to Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 2013.09 – 2016.06



1 TrUE Scholars Program

2 Bridges Across Texas - Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (BAT-LSAMP) Scholar Program

* Summer Undergraduate Research Program

§ The Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program

& Clark Scholars Program

# NSF REU Program

£ Exchange student

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