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Dr. Callum J Hetherington

Associate Professor

Mineralogy, Petrology & Geochemistry of Crustal Rocks

Ph.D. 2001, University of Basel

Office: SCI-127
Phone: 806-834-3110

Dr. Hetherington is interested in the application of mineralogy to the petrology, geochemistry and geochronology of crustal rocks. He has a particular interest in accessory and exotic minerals. Through the study of their compositions, fabrics and textures, research aims to solve a variety of problems in sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous and hydrothermal rocks. Much of the work is based on field observations and he has worked in a diversity of geologic environments including Archean granites in southern Africa, Proterozoic metamorphic complexes in Norway and Canada, Cambro-Silurian sediments in the Oslo Rift and hydrothermal mineralised veins formed during exhumation of the European Central Alps. Hetherington also maintains a number of national and international collaborations, which provide opportunities for conducting a wide diversity of experimental and analytical studies.

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December 2017 - New Publication!

Our contribution to Microstructural Geochronology: Planetary Records Down to Atom Scale (AGU Monographis, vol 232) was published online at the beginning of the month. Congratulations to PhD student Ethan Backus on his contribution to this work!

September 2017 - New students join the group!

For the Fall semester of 2017, two new graduate students, Ross Braue (BS, Hartwick College) and Doin Maute (BS, Stockton Uni), and undergraduate students Colton Mallet, Chase Bramlett and Adam Ball; in addition, Fortune Usoro has returned to the group and we look forwards to building contrustive research relationships with everyone.

Summer 2017 - Fieldwork!

In July members of the research group (Callum, Don and Ross) travelled to Lofoten and VesterĂ¥len (N. Norway) to conduct fieldwork in the Raftsund Batholith. This research, supported by funding from the Norwegian Centre for International Coorperation in Education is targetted towards developing improved understanding of strategic-mineral resource development, and in particular, resources that contribute to "The Green Shift" paradigm that recognizes that with the development of non-carbon based energy markets, will lead to an increased demand for various metal-resources.

June 2017 - New Funding Award!

We recently learned that The CH Foundation will support our efforts, through provision of $98,960.00 over 2 years, to establish "A West Texas hub for FLOW", which will provide training for graduate students seeking expertize and professional development in the field of FLOW Cytometry. This project is an inititive established through College of Arts & Sciences Microscopy.