GEOL-5101 - MS Proposal Review Activity

Several examples of MS student proposals are provided below. Please select 3 to briefly review against the rubric that was distributed to you via e-mail.

Please do not choose the first 3 on the list - if everyone mix & matches we will have a cross-sectional representation of proposals to discuss.

Fisher - Compositional Characterization of Unconventional Mudstones

Hensley - Compositional Characterization and Monazite Distribution in Thermally Metamorphosed Rocks

Gifford - Enceladus: Tectonics of Saturn's Icy Satellite

Keathley - Geochemical and textural characterization of a nested-dikes in the Seiland Igneous Province

Hargrove - Hypersolidus fabric development in the Wooley Creek Batholith

Maute - Textural and geochemical characterization of Fe-Ti-P-(Zr) mineralization in Lofoten-Vesteralen

McCulloch - Geochemical and structural investigation of petrogenesis and pluton construction of the Hortavaer Igneous Complex

McLachlin - Mapping and petrography of the intrusive Chetco Complex, Klamath Mountains, Oregon

Sparks - Creating 4D models of Fracture and Ffault Development in the Arbuckle Mountains

Romanoski - A U-Pb dating study of Cretaceous magmatism in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada

Hessert - Strike-slip deformation magnitude in the Arbuckle Mountains and Implications for Cross Sectional Models

Aaroe - The geochronology of NFY-type pegmatites from the Tysfjord Region, Norway

Backus - The response of monazite to contrasting metamorphic fluid compositions in natural systems

Whitesides - Kinematics of mantle flow in the Josephine Peridotite