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Dr. Callum Hetherington

Assistant Professor

Mineralogy, Petrology & Geochemistry of Crustal Rocks

Ph.D. 2001, University of Basel

Office: SCI-127
Phone: 806-742-3110
Email: callum.hetherington@ttu.edu

Dr. Hetherington is interested in the application of mineralogy to the petrology, geochemistry and geochronology of crustal rocks. He has a particular interest in accessory and exotic phase minerals. Through the study of their compositions, fabrics and textures, the research aims to solve a variety of problems in sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous and hydrothermal rocks. Much of the work is based on field observations and he has worked in a diversity of geologic environments including Archean granites in southern Africa, Proterozoic metamorphic complexes in Norway and Canada, Cambro-Silurian sediments in the Oslo Rift and hydrothermal mineralised veins formed during exhumation of the European Central Alps. Hetherington also maintains a number of national and international collaborations, which provide opportunities for conducting a wide diversity of experimental and analytical studies.

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December 2013 - Co-authored paper published in Precambrian Research

A long-standing collaborative project with my colleague Jeremy Woodard (Univeristy of Turku, Finland) has borne first fruit. A publication on the occrrence of carbonatites in a post-collisional setting was recently released on-line and will be published in the first issue of Precambrian Reserach in 2014.

October 2013 - GSA 2013 in Denver

The research group was very well represented at GSA this year. Undergraduate student Trudy Watkins gave a poster on her research in thermal conductivity, and graduate students Danielle Olinger and Stanley Hensley gave posters showing some of their results from studies of in the aureole of the Ballachulish Igneous Complex.

October 2013 - Earth Materials Field Trip - Great Succes!

The 2013 version of the Earth Materials 3-day field trip to northern New Mexico passed off with few difficulties. We are most grateful to all the staff and rangers at Fenton Lake State Park (New Mexico), who after the Federal shut-down were able to accommodate our large group at very short notice.

The Fenton Lake facility is a great place - very picturesque - and I will be making an effort to return there!

August 2013 -Hetherington returns to St. Andrews to recover more Ballachulish Samples!

In August Hetherington will be in St. Andrews preparing, processing and shipping more of the 2012 Summer field season samples back to Texas Tech. The samples will be used by Olinger, and hopefully one new MS student in their research.