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Links to pages with information about courses regularly taught are provided below. The pages provide access to course syllabi, field trip information, assignment deadlines, due dates, and other useful information.

Full versions of lectures slides and notes are not provided. Schematic slides with important figures are provided, but students are encouraged to attend lectures, take written notes, annotate the diagrams and figures, and participate in active learning.

GEOL 3401 GEOL 5101 GEOL 5304 GEOL 5308
Mineralogy & Petrology Graduate Seminar Techniques in Electron Microscopy and Micro-Analysis Mineral Sciences

Students interested in conducting their undergraduate research (GEOL-4312) with me should visit this page, where information about research opportunities for undergraduates may be found.

In addition to course specific documentation, a range of non-course specific documents that provide information that may help you be successful, descriptions and examples of appropriately constructed written assignments, and, the background and explanation concerning policies about the use of personal electronic devices in the lecture room are provided below.

Information to help you be successful

Policy on use of Electronics in Lecture

What a correctly formatted document should look like

Seven Golden Rules for Scientific Essays

A copy of the field safety policy employed during Hetherington led fieldtrips

Week 1 Writing Assignment Formatting Requirements and Grading Rubric

What is critical reading?

Writing Scientific Reports and Papers