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Who we are

Contact and Surface Engineering Laboratory (CSEL) at Texas Tech University. Our research is focusing on thermomechanical/chemical contact behavior of materials in relation to surface degradation, material transfer, and magnetic/electrical properties.

We are performing fundamental research on diverse applications which are carrying out atomic-to-bulk scale surface contact such as:


Head-Disk-Inferface in HDD Rocket Sled System (C. Hale, 2008)

CSEL Announcement

6. Sungae Lee made a successful defense of her PHD thesis, and she joined Seagate Technology in June, 2014.

5. Jaeho Lee made a successful defense of his MS thesis at March, 2014. He will continue his doctoral study in CSEL.

4. Prof. Yeo received the 'Air Force Summer Faculty Felowship Award 2014'.

3. Prof. Yeo visited Army Research Laboratory, MD (Jan. 2014), to provide a technical seminar titled "Thermomechanical/chemical Degradation of Materials under High Speed Contact"

2. Sungae Lee (a doctoral student) received the 2nd prize award (Student's Poster Competition) in ASME/STLE IJTC 2012.

1. Prof. Yeo received the 'Air Force Summer Faculty Felowship Award 2012'.




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