Solid stabilized emulsions, also called Pickering emulsions, are oil water emulsions with interfaces stabilized by the adsoption of solid particles to the interface.  They have an array of industrial uses in cosmetics, crude oil recovery, waste water treatment, and more. 

In a Pickering emulsion, a solid particle must partially wet both liquid phases, thus finding a stable state resting at the interface.  Because of the particles, the interface exhibits new properties distinct from the properties of the 2 bulk phases.  The properties of the interface are a major factor in the final rheology of the bulk emulsion

In the Christopher lab, we have developed new simulatneously study the interfacial rheology and mesostructure of particle laden interfaces.  This allows us to correlate the deforming mesostructure to interfacial rheology, and understand the physical mechanisms that cause interfacial rheological behavior for these systems.

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