The Christopher Lab at Texas Tech University focuses on developing microrheology and microfluidics techniques to study the rheology  and stucture of complex fluids and structured interfaces.


October 5,  2014

All members of the Christopher lab present at Soceity of Rheology meeting.


August 15,  2014

Christopher Lab article in Langmuir now online.


June 7,  2014

Christopher Lab awarded NSF grant for work on Particle Laden Interfaces.


June 7,  2014

Christopher Lab article in Soft Matter now online.


May 14, 2014

Christopher Lab article in Physical Review E now online.


Novemeber  5, 2013

Xueda and Dr. Christopher present at AIChE annual meeting in San Francisco.


October  15, 2013

Zhenhuan, Sourav and Dr. Christopher present at Society of Rheology annual meeting in Montreal.


Complex fluids' unique rheology stem from the mesostructure created by dissolved materials.  Confinement deforms the mesostructure, altering rheology.  In the Christopher Lab, we develop new methods to explore the effects of confinement on complex fluids using microfluidics and other techniques.

Measurement of interfacial rheology is difficult because bulk properties affect the measurment.  In the Christopher Lab, we are developing microfluidic techniques to form novel interfaces and measure interfacial rheology.  Microfluidics reduces bulk flow effects, increasing the sensitivity of the interfacial measurment.