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Our main research thrust is on fabrication and characterization of functional metallic materials with tunable properties such as wetting, adhesion, reactivity, strength and plasticity. We are particularly interested in understanding the physics of materials at a very small scale. We employ amorphous metals (known as metallic glasses) as model materials and utilize their thermoplastic behavior to fabricate a wide range of structures down to sub-nm scale on planar as well as curved surfaces (see the images in group logo).


Currently we don't have any opening but please check in future for updates.


News (2013)

Nov: Lianci and Molla publish feature article in Nanoscale
July: Our lab received NSF grant to study hierarchical metal surfaces.
June: "Micro fuel cell" work published in Small.
June: "Size-dependent viscosity" work published in APL.
Feb: "Critical fictive temperature" work published in Nature Communications.
Feb: "Controllable nanoimprinting" work published in Nanotechnology.
Jan: "Tunable tensile ductility" work published in Scientific Reports.