Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Site: Translational Research in Psychological Sciences: Human Factors at Texas Tech University




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We are happy to answer questions that prospective applicants to our REU Site may have.  However, please check the following for answers to frequently asked questions before contacting us.


1. How many students are supported in this REU Human Factors Research Site?

We typically have funding to support up to 8 students per year.


2. When will I hear about the decision on my application?

Finalists are typically selected by February 12 and applicants must make their decision to accept the offer by Feb. 23 of each year.


3. If I graduate in Spring 2018, am I eligible to participate in the REU program in Summer 2017?

Unfortunately, no.  NSF stipulates that all REU participants must be current undergraduates.


4. The application asks for two reference letters from academic faculty.  If I do not have close relationships with academic faculty, is it OK if one of the letters comes from my employer or a graduate teaching assistant/postdoc?

Yes, although letters from faculty are preferred when possible.


5. Can I receive academic credit for the summer experience?

Yes.  Students may work with either their home institution or Texas Tech University to pursue academic credit for the experience.  Often this is in the form of internship credit, undergraduate research credit, capstone course credit, or similar.


6. Is this REU opportunity open to students at Texas Tech?


7. Are the projects listed research projects from previous years or will they be the topics of research during the Summer of 2018?  
The projects listed represent topics for this year but they are flexible, depending on mutual interests of faculty mentors and REU students. There will be a different project for each student/mentor.

8. When will the 2018 summer application portal be open?
September 15, 2017.