Postdoctoral Position in Theoretical/Computational Chemistry

            Coherent States for Chemical Dynamics

                          (Posted 12 /22 /03)


One more postdoctoral position is available immediately in the group of Prof. Jorge A. Morales

at Texas Tech University. Our current research projects are focused on the development and
application of different types of coherent states to study chemical dynamics.
The proposed postdoctoral research will involved both the derivation and computer implementation
of non conventional types of coherent states for electronic and rotational degrees of freedom
[J. Chem. Phys. 103, 9968 (1995); J. Chem. Phys. 107, 6146 (1997); J. Math. Phys. 40,
766, (1999)].  Emphasis will be given on the utilization of coherent states
in the context of  quantum/classical methods [J. Phys. Chem A 105, 2842 (2001)] to treat
large systems. The postdoctoral work responsibilities will mostly focus on the coding, testing
and application aspects of these projects. For those tasks, the group possesses almost
unlimited access to the Linux clusters at the High Performance Computer Center of
Texas Tech University: a computational resource of  about 200 Athlon- and  Optitron-based
The ideal candidate would be an energetic and highly motivated scientist with a firm determination
to succeed in the challenging field of coherent-states dynamics. Applicants must be skilled at
computer programming in FORTRANpreferably, with previous programming experience in
electronic structure packages such as GAMESS. Knowledge of electronic structure methods
(such as Hartree-Fock, DFT and valence-bond theories) and/or experience in using those methods
with commercial packages are good qualifications. Good analytical skills are also an asset. Specific
knowledge of generalized coherent state theory is obviously desirable but not required: 
a reasonable period of time for learning will be granted.
Applicants must have their Ph D graduation after January 15, 2000, to be considered in
this search. The initial appointment will be for one year, renewable for a second
year based on productivity and mutual agreement. Interested applicants should e-mail their CV, 
including list of publications and contact information of their references, to the e-mail
address shown below. Interested applicants should also arrange for two (2) letters of recommendation
to be sent via e-mail as soon as possible. Please, feel free to ask any questions about these projects
and the application requirements via e-mail or phone.
Thank you for your attention!
Jorge A. Morales.

   Jorge A. Morales
   Assistant Professor

   Texas Tech University                                            
   Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry (039)
   Box 41061
   Lubbock, TX 79409-1061

   (806) 742-3094 (voice);     (806) 742-1289 (fax)