Local Organizers 
International Organizing Committee
  • Juergen Eckert,  Tampa (USA), Co-Chairman
  • Bill Poirier,  Lubbock (USA), Co-Chairman
  • Ruedi Allemann,   Cardiff (UK)
  • Stuart Althorpe,   Cambridge (UK)
  • Wes Borden,   Denton (USA)
  • Tony Horsewill,   Nottingham (UK)
  • John Larese,   Knoxville (USA)
  • Hans Limbach,   Berlin (Germany)
  • Jose-Maria Lluch,   Barcelona (Spain)
  • Robert McMahon,   Madison (USA)
  • Salvador Miret-Artes,   Madrid (Spain)
  • David Wales,   Cambridge (UK)
XVIth International Workshop on Quantum Atomic and Molecular Tunneling in Solids and other Condensed Phases