Associate Professor of Molecular Genetics

Texas Tech University
Department of Plant and Soil Science
Room 204D Food Science
Lubbock, Texas 79409 USA

Phone: (806)-834-5717
FAX: (806)-746-6528

I have a joint appointment with Texas Tech University and Texas A&M AgriLfe Research, where I serve and peanut breeder and geneticist. The goals of my program are to develop superior cultivars of peanut, and develop and use genomics tools for breeding. Goals for peanut cultivars are improved yield, and improved edible seed quality.   Though collaborative projects, we are working on development of disease-resistant and abiotic stress-tolerant cultivars to reduce the costs of production to growers, and enhance the sustainability of peanut production.   In addition, we are participating in the International Peanut Genomics Initiative, to use genomics for marker-assisted breeding.   I also teach an introductory genetics class and a graduate genomics class.   I also am major adviser to PhD and MS students in the Plant and Soil Science Department.