nir400.gifNear-infrared spectrometer used to screen peanut seeds for the high-oleic trait.

uNSATfa.gifOleic and linoleic fatty oils in peanut. Oleic acid is monounsaturated, having one double bond. The other major fatty acid, linoleic, has a second double bond.


Our goal is to develop and release peanut cultivars with improved edible seed quality. There are two key aspects to this.


          High oleic oil. This oil is high in monounsaturated fatty acids (as is olive oil). High oleic oil is more stable to oxidation, and keeps good flavor longer. High oleic oil has also been demonstrated to reduce serum cholesterol levels, and contribute to better coronary health.


          Early maturity. The growing season is shorter in West Texas than many peanut-growing regions, and peanuts that are immature at harvest may develop off-flavors. Therefore, we have released two early-maturing cultivars recently, and are continuing to develop newer early-maturing cultivars. These may also allow growers to save irrigation water.


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