We have developed two programs-

          DIALLEL Simulation and Analysis. This program can be sued for analysis of a diallel cross using Griffing’s (1956) model. The software is DOS-based, but has been tested to run on 32 bit versions of Windows XP and 7. It will also perform a simulation, with the goal of demonstrating the variability in results due to sampling. A reference to the original article can be found below. The program can be downloaded here (DIALLEL v 1.1).


          PeanutMap. This was a web-based genetic map for peanut using the CMAP software. The data have been forwarded to the Legume Information System, and are currently displayed at the peanutbase web page (


Jesubatham, A. M., and M. D. Burow. (2006) PeanutMap: An Online Genome Database for Comparative Molecular Maps of Peanut. BMC Bioinformatics 7: 375.

Burow, M. D., and J. G. Coors. (1994) DIALLEL- a microcomputer program for the simulation and analysis of diallel crosses. Agron. J. 86: 154-158.