Organizer of Contest On Design in Engineering (CODE).

The Contest On Design in Engineering (CODE) 2009-2010 involved participants from High Schools and Community Colleges located in West Texas. Teams of 4-5 students advised by a supervisor worked on broad engineering challenges with multiple possible solutions.  A one-day kickoff event was held at the Texas Tech Campus on November 7th, 2009. The project topics were finalized on that day and each team was assigned a TTU undergraduate student mentor who advised them on any technical question. The kickoff event also had a number of social and engineering activities including advising for transfer to Tech and other scholarship opportunities for high school and community college students. The presentation of the team projects were held on June 5th, 2010 and a contest winner selected.

Details available on the website CODE

UPDATE: One of the high school participants for CODE Janet Nieto was recently highlighted by President Obama at the second annual White House Science Fair. Janet was a member of a rocket-building team that made it to the final round of the Team America Rocketry Challenge for three consecutive years. Congratulations Janet!                                                Source: