Pal Group at Texas Tech University

Current Members:

Lab Alumni:

    Saad Saad Haider, PhD, Summer 2015 (Currently with Scitovation)
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    Noah  Noah Berlow PhD, Summer 2015 (Currently with cc-TDI)


    Mehmet Umut Caglar,PhD, Summer 2014 (currently with Univ. of Texas at Austin)
    Qian Qian Wan, MS, Spring 2014 (currently with Affymetrix)
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    Nima Nima Jaafari, MS, Summer 2012 (currently with USAA)
    Sonal Sonal Bhattacharya, PhD, Fall 2011 (currently with Texas Tech University)
    Do ngri Dongri Meng, M.S., Spring 2011 (currently with X-scan Imaging)
    Scott Scott Block, M.S. December 2010  (currently with Univ. of California, Davis)
    YeYang Ye Yang, M.S. Aug, 2010 (currently with Florida State University)


Research Group, May 2015, Pictured from left to right: Ranadip Pal, Carlos De-Niz, Saad Haider, Noah Berlow,

Lab May 2013

Research Group, May 2013, Pictured from left to right: Ranadip Pal, Saad Haider, Mehmet Umut Caglar, Noah Berlow, Qian Wan

Research Group, June 2010 , Pictured from left to right: Ranadip Pal, Dongri Meng, Noah Berlow, Nima Jaafari, Umut Caglar, Sonal Bhattacharya, Scott Block