I am an assistant professor in Software Engineering at the Department of Computer Science at Texas Tech University and the director of Privacy Engineering - Regulatory Compliance Lab (PERC Lab). My research interests are in the area of Regulatory Compliance Software Engineering (RCSE) and application of NLP and Requirements Engineering in privacy and security. RCSE is a young and emerging area of research in the field of software engineering and it is an interdisciplinary field which exploits methods from traditional requirements engineering, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and grounded theory to help dealing with massive legal requirements's extractions and automatically identifying related legal requirements and developing privacy preserving software and mobile applications.

Publication Index

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Research Interests

  • Privacy and Security in Software Engineering
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Usable Privacy
  • Applied Natural Language Processing
  • Privacy by Design
  • (Goal-Oriented) Requirements Engineering
  • Enterprise Architecture Engineering

Master's Thesis, Master's Project, Master's Report and Individual Studies at Texas Tech University

I am now accepting BSc. and MSc. students from TTU interested in Software Engineering for individual studies, Master's thesis, Master's projects or reports in my research group, Privacy Engineering - Regulatory Compliance Lab (PERC) at the Department of Computer Science at Texas Tech University.

The project defined for this opening will be on Privacy and Security in Software Engineering, Modeling and Mining Privacy Regulations, Applied Natural Language Processing and Requirements Engineering. The applicants must be registered at Texas Tech University in the Computer Science Department.

Recent Events

Paper Accepted at ER Conference 2017 - Aaron K. Massey, Eric Holtgrefe and Sepideh Ghanavati, Modeling Regulatory Ambiguities for Requirements Analysis

Paper Accepted at ESPRE Workshop 2017- Parvaneh Shayegh and Sepideh Ghanavati, Toward an Approach to Privacy Notices in IoT

Paper Accepted at RELAW Workshop 2017- Amin Rabinia and Sepideh Ghanavati, FOL-based Approach for Improving Legal-GRL Modeling Framework - A Case for Requirements Engineering of Legal Regulations of Social Media