Dr. Liqiang Ren                                                                     

             Email: liqiang.ren@ttu.edu

Current position: Senior Engineering, Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Ltd., CA

Dr. Yue Zhang                                                                                      2008-present

Email: yue.zhang@ttu.edu

Current Position:       Houston, TX

Li Li                                                                                               2010-present

Email: li.li@ttu.edu

Project: Structure design and fabrication of Graphene/Polyaniline based              hierarchical materials, and their application in electrical energy storage.      

Kun Zhang                                                                                 2010-present

Email: kun.zhang@ttu.edu 

Project: Exploring Novel Organic Thermoelectric Composites with Hierarchical                   Architecture and high Figure of Merit

Siheng Su                                                                                   2012-present

             Email: siheng.su@ttu.edu

Project:  Biological Materials

             Junhua Wei                                                                             2011-present

             Email: j.wei@ttu.edu

Project:  Hydrogel



Bindu M. Tambraparni                                                     2008-2010

             Email: tbindumadhav@gmail.com

Current position: United Healthcare, Indianapolis, IN


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Graduate students

Deputy Director: Dr. Jingjing (Jenny) Qiu

             Assistant professor

             Department of Mechanical Engineering

             ME office 112

             Texas Tech University

             Lubbock, TX 79409-1021

             Tel: (806)742-3563 ext. 287

             Fax: (806)742-3540

             Email: Jenny.qiu@ttu.edu

Director: Dr. Shiren (Edward) Wang

             Associate Professor

             Department of Industrial Engineering

             Texas Tech University

             Box 43061

             Lubbock, TX 79409-3061

             (806) 742-3543

             Email: Shiren.Wang@ttu.edu

Dr. Wang joined the Department of Industrial Engineering in the Whitacre College of Engineering as an assistant professor in 2007. He received a bachelor of science and a master of science from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 1995 and 1998 respectively, and a Doctor of Philosophy from Florida State University in 2006.  He received Ed& Linda Whitacre Faculty Fellow Award in 2012, NSF CAREER Award in 2010, 3M non-tenured faculty award in 2009/2010/2011, Air Force Summer Fellowship in 2010. His research is currently focused on advanced manufacturing, nanotechnology, and sustainable energy.

Nanomaterials and Nanomanufacturing Laboratory

Dr. John Carrell    (Co-advised with Dr. Zhang)                       2007-2012

             Email: john.carrell@ttu.edu

Current position: Post doc


Jilong Wang                                                                             2013-present

             Email: Jilong.Wang@ttu.edu

Project:  Photo-luminance Materials

Zhi LU                                                                                         2013-present

             Email: Zhi.lu@ttu.edu

Project:  Modeling and Simulation