Dr. Sharmistha Swain

Climate Science Center

Texas Tech University

72 Holden Hall, Lubbock, TX 79409

Phone: 806-742-3121 (office)

E-mail: sharmistha.swain@ttu.edu





Ph.D. Geography

School of Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Concentration: Geographic Information Science (GISci)


M.Sc. Regional and Rural Development Planning

Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand.

Specialization: Integrated Watershed Development and Management




      Remote sensing and GIS

      Climate variability and change

      Impacts of drought and extreme heat on environment and public health

      Land use and land cover change


My research integrates the disciplines of Geospatial Information Science, Hydro-climatology, and Environmental Science. My research focus has been on evaluating the impacts of extreme climate events such as drought and heat wave on sustainability of water supplies, food security and public health. I combine surface- and satellite-based earth observations, numerical model simulations and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) based spatial analysis and modeling tools to develop and test indicators that quantitatively measure the impacts of drought and heat wave on environment and people. My current research activities include:

      Computation, monitoring and prediction of hydrological and agricultural drought indicators using streamflow, groundwater level, soil moisture, temperature, precipitation data and satellite measured vegetation and water information.

      Development of visualization tools to communicate drought information to diverse stakeholders including land and water managers, policy makers and general public.

      Advanced satellite image processing and spatial analysis techniques for environmental planning such as land use/land cover change modeling, quantifying cropland acreages and crop water use, invasive species detection and mapping, and lakes and river water quality monitoring.

      Evaluating the effects of urban heat island on public health risks and role of urban vegetation on modulating the heat island effects



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      Association of American Geographers (AAG)

      American Geophysical Union (AGU)

      Gamma Theta Upsilon Honor Society in Geography

      Indian Society of Remote Sensing

      Indian Science Congress Association


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