Project 2: Text and Geospatial visualization

Project Description:

For a C, you need to visualize terms: For a B, you need to visualize relationships: For a A, you need to make discoveries:
  • This project is a web-based application in javascript, html, and D3 (you can use other javascript libraries).
  • Your code should run on all browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer,...). No refreshing: Every refresh costs you 1%.
  • Your application should start out showing some data or an overview and then allow users to add more or request details on demand. Do not start with an empty screen and do not overwhelm viewers by showing a lot of the data right away.
  • Do not write the application at the last minute to avoid mistakes. Make sure that your code runs and that you have enough time to design intuitive interfaces.
  • Make sure your code is well commented (this is a good practice since you will work in a team). Instructor may inspect your source code.

  • Project report on Github (readme file):
  • Create a 3-minute video showing the use of your application with your voice over. That video should appear on the top of your github readme file. The video is a good way to show your interactive application in a short amount of time. If you submit a paper to a visualization conference, a video is very useful. It can be also a backup during your presentation just in case of something go wrong.
  • Add a link to your web-based application (right after the video). You can host it on your github or your ttu personal page.
  • Clearly explain the duties of each student in your group.
  • Discrible your application and highlight your findings by screenshots.

  • In-class presentation:
  • The presentation is 10 minutes per group (everyone needs to present). It is 8 minute talk and 2 minute for questions. Make sure that you are ready to talk right after the group in front of you is done.
  • Please practice your talk. Show the basic functionality and emphasize on why your visualization is different.

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