Network visualization

  • What are the major representations of networks
  • Advantages and disadvantages of each representions?

Examples in D3

Language network

Among the Oscar Contenders, a Host of Connections

Network visualization from flowing data

Adjacency matrix

Glyphs-based Adjacency Matrix

Hybrid Adjacency Matrix

Corinna Vehlow, Fabian Beck, and Daniel Weiskopf. The State of the Art in Visualizing Group Structures in Graphs. EuroVis 2015

Hybrid Adjacency Matrix

Nathalie Henry, Jean-Daniel Fekete, and Michael J. McGuffin. NodeTrix: A Hybrid Visualization of Social Networks. InfoVis 2007

ZAME: Large-Scale Graph Visualization

Niklas Elmqvist, Thanh-Nghi Do, Howard Goodell, and Nathalie Henry. . PacificVis 2008