Yu  Zhuang

Associate Professor

Computer Science

Texas Tech University

Mail Stop 3014

Email: yu.zhuang@ttu.edu

Tel:   806-834-7753

Fax:  806-742-3519




Dr. Zhuang received his PhD in Computer Science (parallel scientific computing methods) and his PhD in Mathematics (semigroups of operators and application to generalized stability for evolution equations) both in 2000 at Louisiana State University.  He was a visiting assistant professor at the computer science department of Illinois Institute of Technology from April to July of 2001, and has been with Texas Tech computer science department since September 2001.



·      IoT security: physical unclonable functions (PUFs), their silicon experimentation, and machine-learning-based vulnerability study

·      High-dimensional data modeling/machine learning: subspace Hessian modeling, application to semiclassical molecular dynamics

·      High performance scientific computing: parallel explicit-implicit domain decomposition methods for parabolic equations


Selected Projects

·      CDS&E: Fast Search of Growing High-Dimensional Big Data to Enable  Accurate Semiclassical Molecular Dynamics Studies of Large Molecular Systems. National Science Foundation.  ACI-2103563. June 2021 May 2024.  Sole PI, $278K.

·      CSR: Small: Collaborative Research: System research on persistent high-dimensional data access and its application to semiclassical molecular dynamics simulation.  National Science Foundation.   CNS-1526005.   Sep 2015 Aug 2020.  Leading PI, TTU budget: $256K.   Project Website.

·      PIRE: Simulation of electronic non-adiabatic dynamics for reactions with organic macromolecules, Liquids, and Surfaces.  National Science Foundation. Grant No. 0730114. Sep. 2007–Aug. 2013. Co-PI. Total award: $2.5M.

·      Computer Simulation of Chemical Dynamics.  National Science Foundation. Grant No. 0615321. Aug. 2006 – Jul. 2009 ($426K). Co-PI.

·      Collaborative Research: SEIDD–Scalable Domain Decomposition Algorithms for Solving Parabolic Problems. National Science Foundation. PI. Sep. 2003–Aug. 2005. $45K.



Selected Publications

·      B. Thapaliya, K. Mursi, and Y. Zhuang (2021),  Machine Learning-based Vulnerability Study of Interpose PUFs as Security Primitives for IoT Networks, IEEE International Conference on Networking, Architecture, and Storage (NAS), Riverside, California, October 2021.

·      U. Tariq, A. Aseeri, M. Alkatheiri, Y. Zhuang (2020), "Context-Aware Autonomous Security Assertion for Industrial IoT",  IEEE Access, vol. 8,  pp. 191785-191794.

·      K. Mursi, Y. Zhuang, M. Alkatheiri, A. Aseeri (2019), “Extensive examination of XOR arbiter PUFs as security primitives for resource-constrained IoT devices”, 17th International Conference on Privacy, Security and Trust (PST2019), Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, August 2019. Link.

·      R. Conte, F. Gabas, G. Botti, Y. Zhuang, M. Ceotto (2019), “Semiclassical vibrational spectroscopy with Hessian databases”, Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 150 (24), June 2019, 244118.

·      A. Aseeri, Y. Zhuang, and M.S. Alkatheiri (2018), A machine learning-based security vulnerability study on XOR PUFs for resource-constraint Internet of Things, IEEE International Congress on Internet of Things, July 2-7, 2018, San Francisco, California. Link.

·      M.. Alkatheiri, Y. Zhuang, M. Korobkov, and A. R. Sangi (2017), An Experimental Study of the State-of-the-Art PUFs Implemented on FPGAs, IEEE Conference on Dependable and Secure Computing, Taipei, Taiwan, August 2017.

·      Yu Zhuang (2016), Symmetric Repositioning of Bisecting K-means Centers for Increased Reduction of Distance Calculations for Big Data Clustering (2016), Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Bigdata, Washington DC, December 2016.

·      Yu Zhuang, Yu Mao, and Xin Chen (2016), A Limited-Iteration Bisecting K-means for Fast Clustering Large Datasets,  Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International Conference on Big Data Science & Engineering (BigdataSE), Tianjin, China, August 2016.

·      M. Ceotto, Y. Zhuang, W. Hase (2013), Accelerated direct semiclassical molecular dynamics using a compact finite difference Hessian scheme, Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol. 138, 054116 (Feb, 2013).

·      M. Paranjothy, R. Sun, Y. Zhuang, W. Hase (2013). Direct chemical dynamics simulations: coupling of classical and quasiclassical trajectories with electronic structure theory. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Molecular Science. Vol. 3, Issue 3 (May/June, 2013). 296316.

·      Y. Zhuang, M. Siebert, W. Hase, K. Kay, and M. Ceotto (2012). Evaluating the Accuracy of Hessian Approximations for Direct Dynamics Simulations. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation, Vol. 9, November 2012, pp. 54-64.

·      Y. Zhuang and H. Wu (2012), Efficient Parabolic Solvers Scalable Across Multi-Architectural Levels, 10th IEEE International Symposium on Parallel and Distributed processing with Applications (ISPA’12), Leganés, Madrid, Spain, July, 2012.

·      H. Wu, M. Rahman, J. Wang, U. Lourderaj, W. L. Hase, and Y. Zhuang (2010), Higher-accuracy schemes for approximating the Hessian from electronic structure calculations in chemical dynamics simulations, Journal of Chemical Physics, Vol.133, Issue 7, 074101, August 2010.

·      Y.  Zhuang (2007), An alternating explicit implicit domain decomposition method for the parallel solution of parabolic equations, Journal of Computational & Applied Mathematics, Vol.206, 549–566, 2007.

·      Yu Zhuang and Xian-He Sun (2005), A highly parallel algorithm for the numerical simulation of unsteady diffusion processes, Proc. 19th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS 2005), Denver, Colorado, April, 2005.

·      Y. Zhuang and X. Sun (2002), Stabilized explicit-implicit domain decomposition methods for the Numerical Solution of parabolic equations, SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing, Vol.24, July, 2002, 335-358.

·      Yu Zhuang and Xian-He Sun (2001),  Stable, globally non-iterative, non-overlapping domain decomposition parallel solvers for parabolic problems, Proc. IEEE/ACM Conference on High Performance Computing Networking, Storage, and Analysis (Super Computing Conference), Denver, Colorado, November 2001.

·      Y. Zhuang and X. Sun (2001), A high order fast direct solver for singular Poisson equations, Journal of Computational Physics, Vol.171, 79-94, 2001.



Fall 2020

CS 1382 Discrete Computational Structures

Spring 2020

CS 5375 Computer System Organization and Architecture

Fall 2019

CS 1382 Discrete Computational Structures

CS 1412 Programming Principles II

Spring 2019

CS 5375 Computer System Organization and Architecture

Fall 2018

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CS 4379/5379 Parallel and Current Programming/Parallel Processing

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CS 1412 Programming Principles II

CS 4331/5331: Mining Big Data with HPC

Spring 2017

CS 4379/5379 Parallel and Current Programming/Parallel Processing

CS 5375 Computer System Organization and Architecture

Fall 2016

CS 4331/5331: Data Mining with HPC, Fall 2016




·      Coordinator of undergraduate program. Sep 2017 - Dec 2021

·      Chair of undergraduate curriculum committee. Sep 2017 - Present

·      Chair of graduate admission committee, Jan 2018 - Aug 2019

·      Director of Graduate Studies. Sep 2013 - Aug 2016

·      Chair of graduate curriculum committee. Sep 2013-Aug 2014, Sep 2015-Aug 2016

·      Numerous other services to the department, college, university, and professional communities