Computational Mechanics Lab


The Computational Mechanics Lab's research focuses on the development of numerical algorithms for the simulation of mechanical systems and their application to the analysis of different engineering problems. The main results obtained are related to new numerical high-order accurate approaches for PDEs (including the time dependent and independent elasticity equations, the wave and heat equations, the Poisson equation, the Helmholtz equation and others), new finite elements with reduced dispersion that are used for elastodynamics, the time-integration of elastodynamics problems, finite elements algorithms for the simulation of large thermoelastoplastic deformation and phase transformations as well as the modeling of numerous engineering problems.


Lab Director:                                                  

Prof. Alexander Idesman                                                                                 

Office: ME-116                                                         

Phone: 806-834-2606                                         

Fax: 806-742-3540                                                  




ME Building, Room 141

Tel: 806-742-3569