Maik Reddiger

I am a PhD graduate student and Research Assistant at Texas Tech University. My research advisor is Dr. Bill Poirier. Our research in quantum theory lies at the interface between physics, chemistry and mathematics.

Office CHEM 010

Research Objectives

My main research interests lie in the mathematical and philosophical foundations of physics. I consider myself a mathematical physicist in the sense that I use rigorous mathematics to describe and understand physical phenomena or to falsify (and improve, if possible) physical theories. In this respect, I understand mathematical physics as both a complement and a competitor to theoretical physics. My current focus is the foundations of quantum mechanics and quantum theory as a whole, since I believe that the enduring stagnation of the field is to a significant extent due to problems of methodology.


All my publications are available as pre-prints on the arXiv.


General Physics II (PHYS 1404-004, Spring 2020): Syllabus

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Curriculum Vitae

You can find my CV here.

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