Thomas Kupfer

Welcome to my Website

Welcome to my website. I joined the Department of Physics at Texas Tech University in 2020 as Assistant Professor and thoroughly enjoy working with our students and my colleagues. My research focuses on compact binaries, gravitational wave sources, supernova Ia progenitors, late stellar binary evolution and compact pulsators. I use large-scale sky surveys combined with detailed follow-up observations to address different science questions. I am a full member of the LISA consortium and a memeber of the BlackGEM collaboration where I lead the Galactic Science working group.

Iam grateful that my research is currently supported by three external research grants, including support from the National Science Foundation through grant AST #2107982, from NASA through grant 80NSSC22K0338 and from STScI through grant HST-GO-16659.002-A. If you are interested to learn more about the science in my group or want to do astronomy research, please check out my group's research page, and send me an email to set up a meeting.