(Supra)molecular Inorganic Materials

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Chem 1301 Section 1

This page provides some general information about CHEM1301 section 001.  Detailed course information will be available through Blackboard (ttu.blackboard.com).

The following is an excerpt from the 2015 fall syllabus. Dr. Cozzolino’s calculator policy is available here.


The purpose of CHEM 1301 is to prepare students for the general chemistry sequence, Principles of Chemistry I (1307) and II (1308).  The focus of CHEM 1301 is on helping students master the basics that are vital to success in this and all higher level chemistry courses.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand and use scientific notation.
  2. Use dimensional analysis to solve problems while using proper units and significant figures.
  3. Understand and identify the physical and chemical properties of matter.
  4. Distinguish between elements, compounds, mixtures and pure substances.
  5. Understand the past models and modern model of the atom.
  6. Learn and utilize various features of the periodic table.
  7. Determine names and formulas of binary molecular compounds, ionic compounds and acids.
  8. Recognize, balance and identify basic types of chemical reactions and predict the outcome of these reactions.
  9. Understand and use the concept of a mole in chemical calculations.
  10. Calculate and utilize solution concentration units such as molarity.
  11. Use stoichiometric relationships between species in a reaction.
  12. Understand the ideal gas law and apply it to quantitative problems.