Link When Receiver Total Method Note
Nguyen'uncle 2018 He passed away before my visit 1,000,000 VND In person
Nguyen'uncle 2017 Even worst than Nguyen 1,000,000 VND In person 1
Anh Phuoc (1965) 2016 Mr.Phuoc and his family host 84 mental patients (at the point of visit) without any supports from the goverment 3,000,000 VND In person 1
Nguyen Van Nguyen (1987) 2016 Unlucky lives in a family 1,000,000 VND In person 1
Binh Dinh Province General Hospital 2015 20 patients with special needs 120 USD In person
(with cousins)
Medical Aid for Vietnam 2015 Children who are born with heart issues 100 USD Bank transfer Winning prize of Chicago Vietnamese student soccer team
Red cross Organization 2014 Red cross Binh Dinh 500,000 VND In person
Only Rice Is Not Enough 2013 Poor children in rural areas in Viet Nam 100 USD Cash, through an organizer
Conquer Chiari Walk 2013 Children who have been diagnosed with Chiari 20 USD Paypal Too Much Brain to Contain Team
Red cross Organization 2012 Red cross Binh Dinh 500,000 VND In person
Vietnamnet 2011 Thai Thanh Thanh 500,000 VND Bank transfer


Since September 2016, I became a member of Internationals FC in Lubbock, TX.
I was the captain of Vietnamese soccer team in Chicago (left picture) from 2012 to 2015. I was also the captain of Vietnamese student soccer team in Chicago (right picture) since 2011. The team participates in the Vietnamese Students' Midwest Soccer Tournament. The tournament is scheduled to play twice a year, one in the Spring semester and the other in the Fall.
Besides, I was a member of the International Football Club at UIC (2008-2015) and Lien quan soccer team participating Vong tay nuoc My (Boston in 2013, San Francisco in 2014)
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