• In 2014, I extended Scagnostics features to handle pixels in images. This technique has been applied on half million of SETI waterfall plots. The following cluster visualization provides a summary of this image collection, as well as highlights some outlier plots which may contain signals from unknown sources. This is an ongoing project between SETI and Skytree Inc. where I consulted for (2014-2015).

  • I spent Summer 2011 working on the Connected Chemistry Project directed by Dr.Mike Stieff. The project includes a set of simulations which is designed to help students learn about chemistry by directly exploring the submicroscopic level of matter and phenomena.

  • Projects in Visual Analytics course at Electronic Visualization Laboratory in Spring 2011 by Prof.Andrew Johnson. Click on images to go to project pages.
  • Project 4 CS424 This project uses data from on their users and the music. There is also the api
    The goal here is to show the relative popularity of the top artists, to compare top artists for several ages, sexes, or nationalities, and to show the most popular times of day for people to play music.
    Project 3 CS424 This project uses data on unidentified flying objects from the National UFO Reporting Center available here
    The goal here is to give the user a higher level view of where different types of sightings occur, and to investigate whether sightings are increasing or decreasing over time.
    Project 2 CS424 This project makes use of textual data: transcripts of the six seasons of Futurama episodes available here
    The goal here is to create an interactive visualization to explore how often various characters appear, which characters appear most often together, and what their most common sayings are.
    Project 1 CS424 The data contain 11 years of data on: Year, Month, Average temperature, Electricity Usage, Natural Gas Usage, Water Usage.
    The goal here is to create an interactive visualization tool to look beyond the cyclical patterns for longer term trends and aberrations that are hiding.