OverviewFall 2011 Teaching

Summary: Fall 2007- Present: Has developed three graduate/senior-undergraduate level courses (EE 5355, EE5350, EE 5332/EE 4332) and regularly taught an electrical engineering undergraduate course (EE 3353) and a graduate/senior-undergraduate (EE 5367/EE4367) level course.


EE 5355: Genomic Signal processing and Control: Fall 2007, Fall 2010, Fall 2012

  • Developed this interdisciplinary graduate course that provides an introduction to molecular biology and the engineering concepts of genomic data processing, classification, genetic regulatory network modeling and control.
  • Students from Electrical Engineering and Biotechnology disciplines enrolled in this course.
  • This course started as a special topics course and was converted into a regular one and is now an elective for the new bioengineering MS program.

EE 5332/ EE 4332: Random Signals and Systems: Spring 2008, Fall 2011

  • Developed this course to strengthen the stochastic background of senior undergraduates and graduate students.
  • ECE department is planning to develop a core undergraduate course similar to this course for covering the probability concepts required by our students.

    EE 5367/EE 4367: Image Processing: Fall 2008, Fall 2009

  • Along with covering the fundamentals, also presented the cutting edge and fun technologies in this area like High Dynamic Range Imaging, Photo Tourism etc. to maintain the motivation of the students.

EE 5350: Introduction to Medical Instrumentation: Spring 2009

  • Developed the first ever offering in TTU ECE department of the Medical Instrumentation course in spring 2009. The course is one of the six core courses for the MS in Bio-engineering program.

EE 3353: Feedback Control Systems: Fall 2009, Spring 2010, Spring 2011, Spring 2012

  • Considered by ECE undergraduate students to be one of the tougher courses. The following comment in the course evaluation by a student support that statement and also suggest that students did enjoy the course offering:“This course was difficult, at least more so than others. However, I found it to be just right to stimulate learning. I greatly enjoyed this course with Dr. Pal. It has been one of my favorite”.