Research Areas


Control Theory

Research activities:

· Robust control

· Adaptive control

· Neural networks

· Boundary control of systems modeled by PDEs

· Real-time optimization using extremum seeking



Microgrid Control

Research activities:

· Autonomous operation

· Load sharing among parallel operation of inverters

· Power balance between sources and loads

· Stable operation and disturbance rejection

· Regulation of voltage and frequency

· Lab-scale microgrid platform with 7 nodes, including wind, solar, battery, generator, utility grid interface, and flexiable loads



Wind Energy & Grid Integration

Research activities:

· Generator control in wind turbine

· Power flow control in weak grid

· Wind farm optimization with wake effects

· Integration of renewables with utility grid




Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Research activities:

· Robust control/Geometric control

· Critical infrastructure health monitoring (e.g., wind turbine, oil/gas pipeline)

· Control of micro-UAVs in vortex flow

· Autonomous shipboard landing and take-off

· Solar powered UAVs

· Wireless charging system for UAVs





Research activities:

· Precise motion control in piezoelectric stage with hysteresis compensation

· Hysteresis modeling and continuous control of functional oxide films (VO2)

Marine / Offshore Systems

Research activities:

· Station keeping and vibration control of mooring systems

· Offshore wind energy harvesting


Research activities:

· Laser pulse shaping and optimization

· Stage positioning control in motion systems


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